Spirit of Space

travelling the vastness of space...together.

Version I - Two spirits travelling the vast space through rainbow colored nebulae.

Version II - SOS gets a nifty planet and less rainbowy.

Version III - Nebulae less pronounced, more distinct land, and volcanic activity (or nuclear war).


July 26, 2001 to August 5, 2002


My second space background. Features my first eclipse, and more fun with swirling comets/spirits. Technically the spirits are not crashing into each other, they are swirling around each other. Yes, those are rainbow-colored nebulae in the background. Normally I stay away from rainbows, but it looked pretty interesting.

This picture tends to evoke a lot of criticism. First of all, comets do not swirl. (They are two spirits in this picture.) Second of all, the love they must share to stay together for all this time... this seems to be a problem for many people. I like it, though - it's one of my favorites. Very fun to make, too.

While Spirit of Space is one of my favorite backgrounds, I get tired of it after a while. Version II, is slightly revamped. I finally recolored those odd rainbow swirls into vivid blue and purple hues.The two spirits have been strenghtened/recolored and rotated a bit. The eclipse moved to the other side, too.

I even threw in my More Blue Planet piece, which I'd been wanting to include somewhere. Finally a planet with some atmosphere and even hints of green land-mass. Unfortunately, it's still see-through! Always room for improvement. :)

Finally, Version III. You know your wallpaper needs work when you can't tell if it has stars or if your monitor is dusty. :/ I removed a bunch of stars, messed with the planet some more. Now it has something that looks more like land, but also has some volcanic activity. Either that or nuclear war has come to the planet, and the two spirits have ascended from the planet. I'm not sure.

Trapezoidal Orbits is the fourth version of this wallpaper - virtually the same, yet with a completely different centerpiece.

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