Trapezoidal Orbits

who put the planets in a trapezoid, anyway?

The solar system - or part of a trapezoid?


August 5, 2002


Started as Spirit of Space, take III. I improved the globe further - I think the bottom continent looks a lot like Australia. When I mentioned that I had a land mass that looked like Australia to an Australian, he replied: It looks blobby? Heh. Also scrapped the comets, as I wasn't ever quite satisfied with them, and wanted to do something different.

Due to the fact that I was working at 100% zoom and couldn't see the whole image, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the Moon ended up in a trapezoidal pattern, or if the Earth were smaller, a more or less equilateral triangle. Go figure. Perhaps I should add rings depicting orbits in a future version - it might make the image a bit less bland.

I think I've used Spirit of Space enough now. Four wallpapers out of one - Yeesh - time to make something original.

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