Space Sky

no the comet isn't crashing into the planet, silly

Planet (?), Comets, Nebulae, Moon.


July 12, 2003


My first space background. After reading Tigert's GIMP tutorial for the bazaar 1999, I wanted to try making a full wallpaper. Here are the results.

Unfortunately, I hadn't quite got the planet thing down yet, so it has a strange glow (drop-shadow!) about it, which even has aspect problems with the original planet. And yes, you can see stars through the planet - it really is translucent. It has virtually no atmosphere either.

This was my first time making a comet. It took me a while to figure out how to do that properly - it's a supernova on a black background with several white/black symmetric conical gradients overlayed on top of it. It's still rather tricky to tone down the front a bit, and I have to be careful not to cut off the comets, as I did in Stairscape.

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