it keeps getting better...

It keeps getting step at a time.


March 30, 2002


My second GNUstep tribute wallpaper. I like space wallpapers. I was just going to make this a nice dark background with a wireframe of the GNUstep logo, but somehow, it had to glow, it had to have the steps filled in... And then, the space bits seemed like a nice extension.

Stairscape came from Starscape, Landscape, and such. The One 'step at a time slogan came from the fact that GNUstep isn't all there yet, but it is slowly improving - one step at a time.

Stairscape features classic noise-stars and my telltale comets. Unfortunately, the comets got cut off, so if you look closely you'll see the ending glow end in a horizontal line. I didn't notice at my normal LCD viewing angle. The stars also tend to disappear when scaling down, so I haven't uploaded a scaled copy.

Interestingly enough, I didn't realize that when I drew the GNUstep logo, the three stairs were different sizes. Made development interesting. I really like how the illusionary text came out.

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