Tranquil Sea

painting with digital plastic wrap!

A small boat drifts toward a beach.


November 28, 2002


My first painting, made with Photoshop 7 and my Wacom Intuos2 tablet. Not really so much of a background image, but it's the right size, so I've lumped it in with the rest of the landscapes.

This started out many months ago when I was playing around with the paintbrushes in Photoshop 7 - I had just purchased my Mac. It was simply a blue background, painted instead of bucket filled to give it a bit of a unique texture. This probably happened mid-June, 2002.

Later, I sketched a picture on it in blue. Sometime when my brother was home during the summer and I couldn't use my desktop, I started filling it in roughly. It came out fairly blurry, but somehow I kept it - and eventually finished it on Thanksgiving day, 2002.

I'm still not sure why the the boat is lacking oars or a sail; perhaps since noone is using it anyway. That is also a bit odd. Drawing creatures is another project. :-) I have enough trouble with water!

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