Liquid Melodies

smooth pastel grooves

Liquidity in pastels. Mac friendly.


October 30, 2002


A rather abstract, aqua-like wallpaper. A little busy, but smooth. This was actually a plain blue picture with a bunch of large triangular white spokes that I kept sitting around in a nearly useless junk I don't have the heart to throw out folder. I'm glad I kept it. I have no idea how I made the original part. For the final product, I added a bunch of square rainbow gradients (preset gradient tool), some lines, and one circle. Liquified it majorly with random tablet scribbles, then duplicated it and liquified that some more. :) The translucency modes enabled me to remove the rainbowness, thankfully. In the background, I have a very toned down rainbow pattern saved invisibly in the original. No idea how I made that either. I made this with Photoshop 7 for the Mac.

kenneth .:. whitecape : org