Beauty in Design

code shouldn't be the only beautiful thing

Window Maker background (cleaned) and 3D GNUstep logo.


February 4, 2002


My first GNUstep tribute wallpaper. Thom had recently noticed a surge in GNUstep development and was loving it, and started telling me about all the great design and how well thought out it was. Being a closet NeXT fan, and long time Window Maker user, I tried it again and was suitably impressed. It's come a very long way over all these years. It's going to go further.

Beauty in Design came from the fact that it is so well thought out. There is an easter egg in this wallpaper somewhere. Good luck finding it, I've made it near impossible.

Beauty in Design has the classic Window Maker wallpaper, BlueImage.jpeg, sharpened and tiled in the background. I drew the GNUstep logo myself. The striated lines on the text came out really badly. I don't notice them as much since I run at 1024x768 and ImageMagick's scaling happens to remove most of them.

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