God Rocks!

the rocks crying out

Every year, my youth group has gone down to California for a week at Lake Shasta. The last few years, we've climbed up through a small stream, over rocks, ending up by a small waterfall.

The waterfall is like a natural water slide - we climb up the rocks via a rope, and then slide down into the pond below. Very fun.

Hoping to find a small rock to take home as a reminder of our trip - the last year I would be going - I fished around in the pond, and pulled up this strange rock which looked almost like the letter "g."

I was like, Hey! Wouldn't it be neat if I they spelled 'God', or something? To my surprise, the next two rocks I pulled out did just that.

The photo set behind the rocks are a picture I took somewhere along the Oregon Coast - truly a beautiful place. I've offset the rocks a bit, showing a bit of the God-shaped void in our lives...which only the rock can fill.


October 30, 2004
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