garish rainbow gelatinous thing

It's colorful, strange, and gelatinous.

This version is a bit less garish, but boring, too.

Feeling cubistic?


March 5, 2003


This feels like the good ol' days. I remember seeing such shades of purple in pictures I made with Paint Shop Pro 5. Almost looks like a No symbol - like no smoking, no food and drink... maybe no weird purple colors? Maybe some glowsticks. You decide.

The reason there are black areas on the top and bottom is because this was actually created at poster size - and posters are wider than monitors. Since it was created at such high resolution, feel free to request another resolution: I may be able to make one for you and post it here.

Continuing my recent trend in abstract art, I made this picture using the random gradient dump technique. (I also used this on X-Chromium and The Final Calling. I'm happy with it - it's a little odd at first, but it's neat in the same way, especially the three-dimensionality of the circular parts and slash.

However, bucking my recent trend...this picture was made in The GIMP! (Footloose and Photoshop free, yeah!) You might also notice the logo is not there, as usual. I just didn't feel like including it, and wasn't sure if I really liked it - seeing as I never even added it to the site.

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